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Get to Know Us:

They have been traveling on and off for 5 years and have called Vancouver Island, BC, Canada home more than anywhere else in that time period.  They have circumnavigated the USA several times, and in 2015 they drove from Vancouver Island through Mexico and into the volcanic highlands of Guatemala. After spending two months working with cacao they felt called to share this wonderful plant medicine with the world. The trunk of their VW Jetta returned to Canada full of pure chocolate!

In addition to cacao, they have worked with other consciousness-expanding plant medicines. Collectively these experiences have supported them in shifting their focus toward a life of connection, compassion and community wherever they are on the planet.

This colorful couple led "normal" lives into their late 20's and when they met, they knew it was time to try a different approach to a more balanced life. So together, now in their 30's, they have dedicated their life paths to promoting health and wellness in body, mind and spirit.

Tanner and Kristin met in 2012 and have been an adventurous and dynamic team ever since...

Passion for supporting humanity toward awakening and greater self-awareness has brought these two the gifts of facilitating cacao ceremonies, teaching yoga (both are certified yoga instructors and students of the Himalayan Institute) and offering conscious lifestyle support to many of their friends and family. 

They have both experimented at length with nutrition and have been thriving for many years on a plant-based diet. If you are curious to know more about their experiences on this journey, they are happy to share some of their thoughts.  

Kristin and Tanner are known by their communities and friends to be fun, creative, supportive, humorous and loving and they will try just about anything once...unless it's driving to Mexico...they have done that twice (so far).

Facilitating the creation of a supportive and nurturing environment at a beautiful retreat space is something they've been working toward for several years. If you're looking for the perfect opportunity for a reality reset in a conscious community setting, then be sure to connect with these two!

Kristin & Tanner

One World Wellness 2020