Choosing a Vibrant Life


With Author Cori Ellingson

January 28-Febuary 4, 2018

Join Cori For A Hands-On Journey Through Her Newly Released Book!

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Can we choose a vibrant life? How do we reclaim our power from the "experts"? We must begin to trust our own knowing.


Using Cori's newly released book, Choosing a Vibrant Life, as a guide, we will examine our beliefs to see what is really possible. Our work takes us deeply into processes for choosing freedom. Gaining proficiency in dealing with unresolved emotional issues is a key part of our time together. As Louise Hay stated, "the issues are in the tissues." Also working with beginning steps in Gene Keys to stand in our own brilliance is an essential step. 

About Your Host:

Cori Ellingson is a student on the shamanic path for 25 years and the author of 2 books.  Her international workshops and ceremonies honour the earth, elements, and plant medicines.  Her profound experience engaging with Gene Keys sparked a deep self-confidence and rightness of her path.  Guiding others in the first steps to working with their unique genius has been a wonderfully rich experience which she is delighted to share with you.

The wisdom in this retreat is based on Cori's practical hands-on style, personally tested over 25 years of work with clients, family and groups. She adds humor and lightness to everyday life. Mornings are for processing work, afternoons for contemplation. Evening events will include cacao ceremony, sound healing, drumming circles and talking circles.


One private session with Cori is included with this retreat. Sometimes a deeper focus on an issue is needed to help someone move forward. An appointment will be set for a one-on-one if desired. 

The Retreat:

Los Milagritos Guest House is a 6 bedroom house located in the ocean side community of Punta de Zicatela, in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico. Aptly named, after the property itself was transformed, resulting in the creation of a unique healing haven. Many "little miracles" have taken place here, and we believe that many more are yet to come.

Each guest room has its own private bathroom (with cold water only...don't worry, it will be warm and sunny, so you will enjoy the refreshing coolness!). There are three rooms upstairs with king beds and three rooms downstairs with two double beds in each. We will do our best to help you choose the right accommodation for your needs. We encourage double occupancy, but privacy is available in the king rooms.

Our outdoor communal dining space creates opportunities each day to get to know each other a little better. We have a dedicated team of cooks on site to create delicious and nourishing vegetarian meals for our group everyday (all of your meals are included in this retreat) so you have more time to spend on self care and enjoyment of your surroundings. You can rest assured knowing that we have your wellness in mind.

A Simple and Sweet Space

to Call Home for a While...

Join Cori for a week of humour, lightness, and community in a beautiful space just a 5 minute walk from the beach. With wonderful simple vegetarian meals served daily, this complete package allows you to fully relax into this sacred time for your path to choosing a vibrant life.

Sunday: Check-in after 3 PM, a light supper will be served at 7:00PM.

Monday-Friday: After our freshly made breakfast smoothie, we will dive into our morning exploration session.  After a delicious lunch, time for contemplation is essential for best results.  Then, we will come together again late in the afternoon to share insights and understandings from our individual contemplation.  Evenings are set aside for drumming, relaxing, cacao ceremony, and connecting circles.


Saturday: After breakfast we will share a closing ceremony and the remainder of the day is for you to enjoy relaxing. You may choose to book a flight departing Saturday if necessary.

Sunday: Breakfast will be served at the normal time and check out is at 11AM.

This retreat is limited to a maximum of 10 guests.

Retreat Guest Fees:

(all rates are in Canadian dollars)

Shared Accommodation   $999

(Double Bed in shared room with ensuite bathroom)     

Private Accommodation   $1149

(King Bed with ensuite bathroom)      

Locals Retreat $499

(everything but a guest room) 

 M-F morning yoga class; delicious daily vegan meals; 6 days of Choosing a Vibrant Life Studies 

Daily Workshop Option $99/day

Morning yoga class, delicious vegan meals and topic of the day.

Monday: Gene Keys Introduction

A basic start to begin unlocking the deeper brilliance and unique genius you bring to share with the world.

Tuesday: Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

Get to the root of why your body holds on to excess pounds & work with these straight forward, practical steps to take the pressure off yourself and ultimately allow your weight to reach an ideal for you.

Wednesday: Choosing Freedom –

Gain the benefit of overall health by freeing your body of unresolved emotions. Simple and practical strategies will serve you well.

Thursday: Power of self-love, expanding beliefs, choosing attitude and gratitude.

Friday: Power of commitment, choosing how we age, our fuel and daily practices.

Contact Cori Ellingson for more information.

Payment in full can be made to Cori by e-transfer or PayPal to

CHECK IN AND CHECK OUT:  Please arrive to check in between 4pm and 9pm on Sunday, January 28th. Check out by 11am Sunday February 4th (you may stay and visit on site if your departure is later in the day, but we will need to clean rooms for our incoming retreat.

A Few Last Details...

Getting to us:

Closest Airports?   There is an international airport in Puerto Escondido, just a short cab ride from us. There is also one in Huatulco (which appears to be the best option for time spent travelling and price) approx. 2 hours away via SUR bus ($5) cab or shuttle.  (Make sure you have some pesos on you for the drivers.)

You can also fly into Oaxaca City, and take a very long and exciting bus ride to Puerto Escondido...we can say for sure, that it is NOT for the faint of heart or those with a weak stomach!

*TIP: you may save quite a bit of $$$ if you book a flight to Mexico City, and then book your connecting flight separately from Mexico City to one of the nearby Mexican airports mentioned above.  Make sure you search around for the best flight deals! :)

*Look out for flight deals at Next Departure (for Canadians) and Trip Advisor (for anyone), among many other helpful travel sites and apps.

Getting from Puerto Escondido Airport to Los Milagritos:

(prices are approx.)  

Airport Shuttle - $80 pesos    

Airport Cab - $300 pesos  

OR stroll outside of the airport to catch a local cab for around $60 pesos 

(Make sure you have some pesos on you for the drivers.)

*Address of Los Milagritos: Located in LA PUNTA neighbourhood. We do not have a house number. The center is on a dirt road called MORELOS at the south side of the intersection of Justo Salvador. Look for the road signs!  **Our location on Google Maps is close, but not exact**



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